Setting the Industry Standard in Training

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OSI is committed to ensuring its customers receive the best service, at the best price. That means providing the highest possible level of service by expert engineers who understand their subject matter – and the needs of the physician and patient. OSI has invested in both initial and ongoing training to build the industry’s best-prepared service team.

Training curriculums are tailored to suit each field service engineer’s individual training and experience, and to prepare the FSE for their field assignment. During their time in the field, the FSE is paired with a senior engineer for a mentoring program that extends for at least six months. As the FSEs learn new skills, they take on more responsibilities that test their knowledge – all under the watchful eye of their mentor.

OSI instructors typically have 15-20 years of experience, and present courses in a variety of settings, depending on the subject matter and learning objectives. Teaching methods include live and online courses, boot camp, and continuing education

New Training Facility
As part of its continuing investment in training, OSI opened a new training facility in Lakewood, NJ in 2014. The facility includes multiple machines from different manufacturers as well as standalone subsystems, such as a multileaf collimator, carousel system and vacuum station.

The facility allows FSEs to work with fully functional LINACs, and to assemble and disassemble parts of the equipment that are rarely accessible. This facility is currently the only such facility outside of an OEM that includes its own test bunker for working beam on with the linear accelerator.

OSI Academy
Beginning in 2016 OSI is expanding access to its hands-on training curriculum to in-house biomedical engineers interested in improving their skills on linear accelerators. This comprehensive training has historically only been offered to international customers, including our joint venture in China.

TechHelp Network
In addition to continual ongoing training, OSI also supports engineers in the field with almost instant access to tech help. The National Tech Support team is staffed by the most experienced and talented field service engineers who are available 24/7 for phone or video conference support.

The TechHelp electronic network allows an engineer to post a particular problem to all other engineers to engage their collective experience in troubleshooting the problem.