OSI Mission

OSI vs. OEM — There's A Big Difference In Cost, And A Bigger Difference In Service.

All things being equal, relying on the Original Equipment Manufacturer for service and maintenance seems to make sense — but all things are not equal! In fact, working with Oncology Services International offers distinct advantages over OEMs in every aspect of service, including:

Cost: Like all OEMs, those in our industry charge a hefty premium for their service. OSI service costs far less and we offer much more — including a variety of plans that can limit your costs, manage or eliminate risk and protect your practice from unforeseen expenses.

Focus: Original Equipment Manufacturers are first and foremost manufacturers — while they may service what they sell, it is not the focus of their business. Service is the focus of ours.

Response Time: Our service is available 24/7 — we respond to your needs within minutes. If on-site work is required, we can provide most clinics with an OSI technician within two hours.

Specialization: The OSI service force has designated specialists for specific brands and devices. Our service engineers have received OEM factory training directly from Varian, Elekta, Siemens and other manufacturers. Additionally, we provide our own service training on live equipment at our radiation test cell.

Single Source Service: If you have multiple brands of oncology equipment — one company, one contact can take care of all your service and maintenance needs. When it comes to servicing radiation therapy equipment, it all comes down to this:

You could pay more to an OEM. Or you could get more with OSI.