Sell or Trade-In Oncology Radiation Equipment

Let OSI help you find value in your unwanted radiation oncology equipment.

At OSI, we specialize in new and refurbished linear accelerator parts and accessories. Oncology Services International is the world leader in refurbished radiation oncology solutions. To meet demand and maintain inventory, we are always looking to obtain used parts and solutions.

Naturally, your linear accelerators and other radiation oncology equipment will eventually become obsolete within your practice. That doesn't mean you can't still get value out of them. OSI would be happy to purchase your equipment or accept it as trade-in toward another part or solution. We'll make you a fair offer and stand by it until the end of the sale.

So if you're thinking of upgrading or changing systems and would like OSI to take your unwanted assets off your hands—while placing a little extra cash in your pocket. Contact us today for a quote.