Our State-Of-The-Art Testing Facilities Ensures State-Of-The Art Performance.

OSI is the only independent radiation therapy provider to invest in a radiation test cell. Located in our Lakewood, NJ, facility, the test cell is an invaluable asset that allows us to ensure each device is precisely calibrated to perform its original specifications. We can also use the test cell to commission your equipment at our facility, further reducing the time and complexity of getting your oncology devices up and running.

Precision Certified Linear Accelerator And CT Devices — The Ultimate Combination Of Performance And Economy.

With OSI Precision Certified linear accelerators and CT Simulators, you can be sure you’ll get all the performance and reliability of a new model. That’s because each piece must undergo an extensive and comprehensive refurbishment process to earn the Precision Certified name. It’s your assurance that every critical part has been tested, any that did not meet our exacting criteria have been replaced with new…that the right software for your practice has been installed…and that the whole device has been tested, precisely calibrated and will perform to original manufacturer’s specifications.

With Precision Certified devices, you also benefit from professional installation and an iron-clad warranty backed by the best independent service organization in the industry.

As a result of our scrupulous refurbishment process, nobody sells more factory-refurbished linear accelerators or has a larger inventory of radiation oncology devices, including:

  • Linear Accelerators with IMRT/IGRT delivery capabilities
  • CT Simulators
  • Record and Verify Systems
  • Treatment Planning Systems
  • MV Imaging Upgrades
  • MLC Upgrades

OSI supplies Precision Certified linear accelerators and CT systems worldwide. Our devices are being used in more than thirty countries on six continents, and we welcome the opportunity to provide our high-quality, low cost oncology equipment to more cancer treatment facilities throughout the world.

Typical refurbished linear accelerator models we stock include:

Varian 600C/D

Varian 6EX

Varian 2100C/D

Varian 21EX/iX

Varian 2300CD

Varian 23EX/iX

Siemens Mevatron M / K class

Siemens Primus M / K

Siemens Oncor Plus/Impression

Elekta Precise

Elekta Synergy