Service Equipment Relocation

Up To 99% Uptime. Improved Efficiency. Lower Costs. They’re Our Contribution To Affordable Healthcare.

Long before the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act became a law and ObamaCare became a catchphrase, OSI was providing hospitals and oncology practices with economical service for their Linear Accelerators and CT devices. And the means for hospitals and clinics to use their resources more efficiently, make their budgets work harder and provide more quality care to more patients, more reliably.

As a result, our customers have saved millions of dollars, and OSI has become the world's largest independent service and maintenance provider for oncology equipment. As such, we set the standard for both the speed and quality of service we provide, while offering a variety of service plans that deliver:

Far greater economy than OEM service

Opportunities to mitigate or eliminate risk

An end to unforeseen repair expenses

…and an up to 99% equipment uptime guarantee with our Full Parts And Labor Service Contract on qualifying equipment.

OSI is also the world's largest provider of factory-refurbished medical linear accelerators and simulators, and we maintain the largest inventory of Linac parts in the U.S.

As a partner to hospitals and cancer centers around the world, our entire organization is focused on delivering extraordinary reliability, improved productivity, simplified procedures and greater economy to cancer centers…so they can provide the same to their patients.