OSI OnSite: Remote Connectivity Strengthens OSI Service


OSI OnSite is the first remote connection product for linear accelerators (linacs) developed by a non-OEM, independent firm.

OSI OnSite provides remote access for troubleshooting, predictive failure analysis and preventive maintenance. It boasts manufacturer neutrality, supporting Elekta and Varian equipment including both Trilogy and TrueBeam machines.

Already known for “shattering the myth” of OEM superiority in technical service and training, OnSite leverages advances in digital technology to match and even exceed traditional manufacturers claims to remote access and diagnostics.

OSI OnSite utilizes state-of-the-art technology and cloud-based resources, minimizing invasive installation processes and updates. OnSite does not require installation of software on existing computers.  It meets all healthcare security requirements. Customers receive a computer with an integrated functional oscilloscope for waveform capture.

Skilled OSI Field Service Engineers review the data remotely and can make adjustments and corrections, helping to forestall potential problems and prevent downtime. Customers benefit from quicker response to issues, sometimes entirely negating the arrival of service engineers to correct, and maximizing uptimes.

OnSite is available as part of OSI full service contracts, and is available to T&M customers and others on a subscription plan.